Answers to common questions about the general aspects of our business, Businesses and Traders.


I want to book a party, how much notice and deposit do you require?

Here at Peckish, we proud ourselves on being able to step into the breach when others have let you down, but as always the more notice you give us the better service we can provide. We will always require a non refundable deposit of 25% at the time of the booking and full payment on the day of the event, prior to the event starting.

I like the look of more than 1 menu, can I mix and match?

All our menus and prices are a guideline only, we would be only too pleased to discuss in detail all your requirements and then devise a menu just for you! To suit your needs or budget.

Can I add to my booking once completed?

Yes, always.

Do you offer a clear up service?

This is not an issue, if you only require disposable cutlery then we offer a full clear up service as standard with every booking and if you are using china plates and cutlery then again we clear and clean as standard for every booking.

What if my numbers reduce and I need to reduce the size of my booking?

This is not an issue so long as you notify us with 72 hours notice, after this time the full charge will be levied against your booking but prior to this we can reduce the cost of the event to match your numbers attending.

Is there a delivery charge for bringing the food to our office?

Usually no, however if the location is further than 25 miles from us then this will be discussed pending on the type of booking received.

All other companies only offer 1 choice of stuffing and glaze for the roasts, but these flavours do not suit me, what can you offer?

We are pleased to offer a full choice of both glazes and stuffing’s and we are also happy to mix and match, feel free to contact us for further details or take a peek in the menu section.

If we want our party to go longer than planned, can we keep the cutlery and plates for an extra day?

Yes, but this will be charge accordingly.

I am planning my wedding and want to taste test the dishes before choosing is this possible?

Yes, we can either bring samples to your home or you are welcome to come to our production kitchen to taste everything then and this will afford you the opportunity to meet the rest of the Peckish management team.


Can an account be opened?

Yes, but there is a strict 14-day credit allowance.

Can you accommodate last minute requests?

We try to as best as possible, the more time given and the bigger the budget, the easier it is to achieve

Do you deliver?

Yes, in every way!

If more than 1 food option is required, can you arrange the others?

Yes, it’s what we do on street food markets, we have the contacts to bring in any food style choice you require.

Are we able to change / adjust the menus?

Yes as much as you like, all menus are there as a guideline only and we are only too happy to work with yourselves to achieve a menu that is right for you or your event.

Are you able to arrange for speciality acts or requests for special events?

We work in partnership with specialised companies for any special request from specialised cakes to musicians to create a perfect event for your business.

Do you offer a clear up service?

Yes We do, we offer a full professional service tailored to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any requirements you may have.


Can anyone apply to trade at a PECKISH Market?

Yes, but there is an application process to ensure that all traders comply with the peckish standards.

Do we need to be professional Chefs?

No, but all traders must hold a food safety certificate and all traders must be registered as a food business with the EHO and must have received a score’s on the door.

I have a burger wagon and wish to trade on your market, is this ok?

Yes, however, please ask yourself if the choice of food is appropriate for a modern street food market, is your burger handmade? Is your bread unique, would you consider your food as gourmet? Are your salads and sauces fresh and special to your food offering?

Am I guaranteed regular days on your markets?

Here at Peckish we appreciate the value of loyalty and long standing relationships with our trading partners and vendors, however, our aim is also to ensure customer satisfaction by supplying the styles of food that the customers require for each market. In this we will aim to offer as regular trading days as possible.

Do I need to pay in advance for my pitch fee?

For Market days, no, this will be collected by the market manager during the trading day, for the Peckish food festivals then the pitch fee would need to be paid for in advance to guarantee you slot for the day. Fees to be discussed in person due to location and trading times available.

If we are trading on a Peckish Market will we get priority booking for the larger food festivals?


Do I have to jump through hoops or attend a training session or audition to trade at your markets?

No, we understand why some organisers in London request this, but for us this is not required, the more info you supply when applying the better your chances will be, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative foods and we will always try and see you trading in another location where possible, but we also believe in giving new traders their first chance in this side of the industry and welcome applications from new start ups, it is the standards you instil in yourself that matter.

Do I need to keep a record of all due diligence that is required?

YES! this is a legal requirement and will be enforced on all markets. All traders are expected to have a folder containing all the legal documents to include temperature control sheets, the entire folder can be purchased direct from the Peckish team to save you the bother of doing it yourself, failure to comply will result in the removal from the Peckish trading partners list.

How long after applying, before I receive a response?

All applications will be dealt with in a timely manner. Most applications will receive a response within 5 working days.